Why Flowt?

Get free from stressful, manual processes

Start your project with a Pipeline that grows with your team

Flowt’s automated deployment pipeline is more than just hosting and delivery—it’s a process strategy that will make your product better. Flowt puts all the tools you need in one place and makes collaboration simple with continuous integration and continuous deployment tools that sync with Slack.

Flowt supports you from the start
  • Rapid Prototyping

    Changing your delivery strategy mid-game increases drag. Why not start your deployment pipeline early and build to an interactive live environment from day one?

  • Live Staging

    Use live staging to get feedback from stakeholders early and manually test your product throughout its lifecycle.

  • Collaborative Releases

    Flowt is built with collaboration in mind. Make releases less stressful by giving everyone on the team a custom release role. Even non-dev members can participate in the pipeline with read-only access.

  • Custom Domains

    You get a free flowt.io subdomain for both your staging and production environments, giving you all the benefits of a reliable, structured pipeline before you have to decide on a domain name. When you’re ready, it’s easy to add your custom domain to the pipeline.

  • Easily move from CI to CD

    Your releases are all set up, acceptance tests are running smoothly, and your client and team are pleased with progress. Now it’s time to move from manual production releases to automatic releases. With Flowt, you’re just one click away from making that happen.

Getting started with Flowt couldn't be simpler

Ready to make your life easier with Flowt’s automated deployment tools? All you have to do is:

Sign up with GitHub & choose a repo

Give us your build commands

Let us build and host your staging environment

Promote to production with just one click.

With Flowt, DevOps continuous delivery really is that easy.
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