Continuously release front-end sites & web apps

Connect your repo, automate your deployment pipeline,
release new code with confidence

Let's simplify your workflow

Spend less time worrying about DevOps process and more time focusing on your product

Save time and money by automating hosting & deployment

Increase efficiency by integrating tools into one reliable pipeline

Boost productivity by providing a clear delivery strategy

What is Flowt?

Flowt is a front-end continuous delivery tool that makes it simpler for you to release websites and apps.

With Flowt’s highly visual automated deployment pipeline, you can automatically test changes and promote to production with one click.

Getting started is easy. Flowt integrates seamlessly with the services you already use and love, like GitHub, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare, and Slack.

Git to the Cloud and Deploy to Production Safely - Every time

Flowt offers you peace of mind at deployment time

Flowt was made to address the common pitfalls of front-end software development.

When you use Flowt, you save:
  • Time:

    No more wasting time configuring your own deployment pipeline and running tests on builds—Flowt does it for you.

  • Energy:

    When you save time, you save energy, allowing you to focus on what you do best: coding.

  • Choice Apathy:

    We’ve got opinions and we’re not afraid to use them. Flowt automates the boring stuff to alleviate choice apathy and keep you from becoming overwhelmed with options.

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Gif of the pipeline starting with git commit, through acceptance tests, and all the way to production
When you use Flowt, you get:
  • Automation that improves workflow:

    Flowt is an automated deployment tool that follows DevOps best practices. Each time a commit to the main branch is made, it’s automatically tested to ensure it doesn’t break the build. If approved, it can be promoted to production with a single click of a button. Cut out another step by opting for automatic promotion.

  • Integration with your favorite tools:

    Don’t worry about manually connecting your favorite tools—like GitHub, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare, and Slack—to your pipeline. Flowt’s automated deployment tool does it for you!

  • Improved collaboration and communication:

    Assign separate roles and release responsibilities to everyone on your team for transparency and clear communication. Get updates and make commands right from Slack!

  • Optimal web performance and security:

    Flowt is integrated with Cloudflare, meaning everything you do with Flowt is protected by a point of presence in Cloudflare’s 149 data centers, smart routing and caching, and top-notch security.

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Planning and organizing a front-end developer project

Flowt has all the continuous delivery pipeline tools you need to get things done faster

Your deployment pipeline, automated

Our highly visual automated deployment pipeline picks up after a commit to the master branch repository, syncs any changes, and updates the staging environment for live testing.

Simply commit and your Flowt Pipeline will handle the rest

Staged files are hosted with Digital Ocean Spaces and secured with Cloudflare, making it simple to manually test new features before promoting to production.

Frictionless production deployment

If your new features/functionality aren’t quite right, rolling back to the last live production version can be done with one click, allowing you to adjust until everything is how you want it.

Synchronize Dev and Ops with custom release roles

Organize your team with flexible and adaptable release roles. Flowt allows you to assign roles to specify who can release to staging and production environments and who has read-only access to the project.

Roles range from Production Level, which allows the user to promote to production, rollback to previous releases, and override failed tests, to Read-Only Level, perfect for non-devs and clients.

Organize your team with flexible and adaptible release roles

Easy integration with the services you love

Power up your pipeline by connecting your favorite services, like GitHub, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare, and Slack.

Repos, Buckets & Performance. Oh my!

Simply connect your GitHub repo and we'll craft staging and production buckets in Digital Ocean, then host everything efficiently and securely with Cloudflare. As you make changes, we’ll communicate them to your team through Slack.

Subdomains with Flowt are always free, but we can easily customize your domain when you’re ready

Let us transfer your domain to Cloudflare where we'll copy existing DNS records and migrate your Digital Ocean Spaces to your custom domain all in one click. We'll wait for propagation, make sure your site loads & notify you when we're done.

Our Cloudflare partnership means you get speed, performance, and security—automatically.

Communicate pipeline progress on your terms

With our Slack app you can be notified of every step within the deployment pipeline. You can even act on the pipeline from here. For example, if a build to staging is successful, you can see that tests have passed, simply click promote to production from within Slack to give your users access to these changes.

Complete deployments & communicate changes, all without leaving Slack

Getting started with Flowt couldn't be simpler

Ready to make your life easier with Flowt’s automated deployment tools? All you have to do is:

Sign up with GitHub & choose a repo

Give us your build commands

Let us build and host your staging environment

Promote to production with just one click.

With Flowt, DevOps continuous delivery really is that easy.
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